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Bariatric Medical Treatments

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Obesity occurs when your body consumes more colories than it burns. Recent research shows that in some cases, certain genetic factors may cause the changes in appetite and fat metabolism that lead to obesity. For a person who is genetically prone to weight gain (eg.., has a lower metaobolism) and who leads an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle, the risk of becoming obese is high. Weight loss not only helps in reducing co-morbidities, scientically proved that it’s a denite solution to treating diabetes…….

Weight loss treatment and bariatric surgery is our speciality. Our programme is based on the most advanced technology in the hands of the best professionals.

At our Institute, we take care of all aspects of obesity as it needs a team of multi disciplinary team of specialists working together: Dietician, Physician, Endocrinologist, Psychologist, Cardiologist, counselor and the surgeon.

Our team will evaluate the reason for obesity and accordingly treat the patient. For some people, something as simple as a change in food habits and lifestyle will help while some may benet from a simple medical management. However, when the BMI is much higher than the normal, surgery is the best option for a healthier you!

• Dietary changes

• Exercise and activity

• Behavior change

• Prescription weight-loss medications

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Prashanth Hospitals-Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai, Best Hospital in Chennai

Prashanth Hospitals-Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai, Best Hospital in Chennai