Rare Surgery on a 51-year-old Woman at Prashanth Hospitals

Rare Surgery on a 51-year-old Woman at Prashanth Hospitals

On 18th Dec 2021, a rare operation performed by a team of doctors at Prashanth Hospitals has eliminated the twenty-year struggle of a 51-year-old woman. A thyroid tumor the size of a human heart was removed from her breast. Performed for 4 hours by a team of several doctors, the cognitive surgery helped the patient recover from a long-standing problem and start a new chapter in her life!

The patient - Ms. Subbulakshmi’s was diagnosed with a massive tumor that had developed very close to her heart and lungs. Other doctors had advised the patient against performing the operation due to the difficulty involved in removing this large tumor. However, a team of doctors from Prashant Hospital, which was headed by Professor Vishwanath, successfully performed the operation and completely removed the cyst.

Senior Director of The Department of Minimally Invasive Surgery, Professor Vishwanath said, “We, at Prashanth Hospitals, are truly delighted and satisfied that we have been successful in this endeavor that has helped a woman start a new chapter in her life. This was an unusually vulnerable case. For the past 20 years, the patient has had a slow-growing tumor that we ourselves have not seen before. However, no symptoms were reported. We are delighted to have the courage to carry out this treatment process and to save the patient's life before the condition worsened."

She was operated on by a team of 4 doctors at Prashanth Hospitals, Velachery. The tumor was removed and sent for biopsy. It was found to weigh about 1 kg. In total, a 66 cm thyroid tumor on the right side of the neck and a 12:10 cm tumor on the outer lung barrier wall of the chest have been successfully removed by this surgery. She has been saved from a grave danger and now on starting anew!

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