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Maternity Services

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Expecting your baby ???? We, at Prashanth Women and Children Hospital do understand that it is the most precious moment for you. We understand your joy and happiness and at the same time your anxiety that all should go well.

We are here to help you sail through your pregnancy with the same joy and happiness. We will provide you with all the necessary care and services that you would need during your pregnancy including your ante natal care, advices, exercises and lactation counselling.

During your pregnancy, we offer you all the specialized service that you will need which include periodical ultrasounds, regular check up with the obstetrician, 4D scan , exercises, lactation counselling , consultation and treatment for gestational diabetis ( if you are diabetic ).
Prashanth has the state-of-the-art 4D real-time ultrasound imaging system, which is used in analyzing fetal development. You can experience the joy of seeing your baby. This technologically advanced, high resolution system produces 4D images of your baby and helps you see the baby moving on screen.

As for your delivery, we assure you that you will receive the highest quality care . Prashanth has different rooms to suit your choice – from a Royal suite, to luxury suites and deluxe rooms which will offer you the ambience for this special moment of yours.

If you have a normal pregnancy and are in labour, you will be encouraged to move around in labour, because keeping upright is thought to help facilitate effective uterine contractions, and promote good positioning of the baby. Rest, keeping well hydrated and eating a light diet (if you don’t feel nauseous) are also very important.

If you have your baby by normal delivery,, you will stay in the same room until you go home within the next 3 days Before you go home you and your baby’s health will be checked and our lactation consultant will support you with tips to breastfeed your baby the right way.

In case you deliver by Caesarian, your stay will be for a minimum of 5 days at the hospital. You would be given adequate pain relief medications and physiotherapy to make you ambulant early off to speed your recovery.

Caring for your newborn

Skin to skin contact between you and your baby as soon as possible after birth is a lovely way to welcome your baby. It helps to keep them warm and calm them after they have been born. It also tends to tempt them into breastfeeding. Continuing to have skin to skin contact in the days and weeks after birth is a really good way to reassure and comfort your baby.

Keeping baby close at night is also very important. It can be very helpful to breastfeed your baby in bed. however, it is safer to put them down to sleep in a cot near to the bed after the feed has finished.

Feeding your baby

If you are breast or formula feeding it is important that you know possible feeding cues such as mouth movements, restlessness, sucking their hands and turning in towards your breasts. Most babies will show you their feeding cues before they start to cry. It is often easier to feed your baby when they show these early feeding cues.

Special care

If your baby is very premature or needs surgical care, they will be cared for in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

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Prashanth Hospitals-Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai, Best Hospital in Chennai

Prashanth Hospitals-Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai, Best Hospital in Chennai