Dermatology Facilities


REGENERA ACTIVA Once a year FDA approved Hair Regeneration Men & women

DERMAPEN 4 MICRONEEDLING PEN (latest in the world) for Skin tightening, sun damage, Scarring, Pigmentations, and Stretch marks etc

PICO SECOND Q-SWITCHED Nd: YAG LASER for tattoo removal, pigmentation, tanning, laser toning etc

CHEMICAL PEELS Acne, Acne scars, Pigmentation, Skin lightening

RADIOFREQUENCY / ELECTOCAUTERY for DPN/ Wart/Skin tag/ Xanthelesma removals etc

IONTOPHORESIS for excessive sweating in palms and soles

BOTOX for underarm sweating, palms and soles sweating, fine lines, wrinkles etc