Well Women Health Check


In the present times, life is so demanding of women. With all the multi-tasking, there are possibilities that women may ignore their most important responsibility of all – Taking care of themselves. The least you could do is take care of your health and get a regular health check at least once a year. Well Women Health Check-up is advised for all women above the age of 25. This keeps you well informed of any short or long-term health issues and allows for preventive care before any health condition can become life-threatening.

Our Well Women Health Check-up includes the following tests:


• Random Blood Sugar Test

• Lipid profile Creatinine




• Urine Routine

• USG Pelvis (Screening)

• Pap smear

Above all, you get our General Physician’s and well as the Gynecologist’s opinion.


• 10-12 hours overnight fasting is mandatory

• Ideal for women above the age of 25

• Bring your earlier medical records

• For your comfort, avoid tight-fitting clothes

While undergoing pre-health check evaluation, please inform us in case you are pregnant or have any other pre-existing medical conditions.

Our female full-body health check-up is a chance for you to focus on your overall health and wellness. It focuses on preventive care for women. One thing that stays the same, no matter your age, is having an honest relationship with your doctor. Our team of physicians and gynecologists understand the complexities of women’s health.

Your wellness check-up is a time for you to ask questions, too! Our doctors are here to clear any doubts that you might have.

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