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Robotic Knee Surgery

When it comes to knee surgery, precision is the key to success. At Prashanth Hospitals, we're proud to announce the arrival of the latest in robotic knee surgery technology. Our surgeons can now achieve better precision with much less post-surgery pain using the VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution – by Johnson & Johnson. Highly precise and loaded with high-end technology, the VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution is a 4th Generation Saw-Based System that uses high-speed real-time tracking for ideal patient outcomes.

Launched in the USA in July 2021, the VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution is FDA-approved and ranks among the most advanced knee surgery technologies in the world. The brand new technology is at the forefront of knee surgery, with less than 250 hospitals across the world using it to perform cutting-edge advanced knee surgery. The VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution is highly personalised to the patient's specific anatomy and assists the surgeon in optimising surgical outcomes. Using this robotic technology, our surgeons can ensure vastly enhanced accuracy and precision in knee replacements and procedures to help you get back to your normal life again in as little time as possible.

How is robotic-assisted technology different?

Robotic-assisted Knee Replacement

Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement:

  • Technology Controlled By The Surgeon
  • Lesser Pain And Faster Recovery
  • More Consistent Outcomes (Inconsistencies Can Affect Recovery)

What are the benefits of using robotic-assisted technology in knee surgery?

Benefits of Robotic System for Knee Replacement

  • Very Precise And Accurate
  • Patient Specific
  • Minimal Blood Loss
  • Shorter Hospital Stay
  • Faster Recovery

Robotic-assisted technology can deliver

  • A greater range of motion (how well you can bend and flex your knee after surgery)
  • Less pain compared to traditional method
  • Faster recovery times (reduced length of hospital stay, hospital readmissions, and health visits)

The VELYS Robotic-Assisted Advantage

  • Extremely compact, mobile and powerful tool
  • No CT required, avoiding radiation exposure
  • Adaptive camera responds to knee movement
  • Specially designed saw
  • Designed understanding of surgeon needs
  • Designed by surgeons for surgeons

Frequently Asked Questions

We, at Prashanth Hospitals, use the latest 4th generation Velys Robot from Depuy Johnson & Johnson. It has a robotic arm to which a saw is attached and this helps on the precise preparation of the bone for the perfect implantation of the Knee Prosthesis.
There are different types of prosthesis available. We use Attune from Depuy - Johnson & Johnson. It has the best J curve design which helps in giving a very good range of movement for the patient. The polyethylene insert is Vit E coated which helps in the implant lasting for a very long time. The metals used are highly inert and do not react with any body fluids. This is the latest implant available.
Robotic replacement, as of now, is not covered by insurance in India. Basic Total knee replacement is covered, you will have to pay only for the robotic charges.
Yes. You can undergo bilateral total knee replacements, simultaneously using the robot.
Knee replacement may be an option when nonsurgical interventions such as medication, physical therapy, and the use of a cane or other walking aid no longer help alleviate the pain. When joint pain interferes with your ability to carry out daily activities or disturbs your sleep, it may be time to consider joint replacement. We generally try to delay total knee replacement for as long as possible in favor of less invasive treatments. With that being said, if you have advanced joint disease, knee replacement may offer the chance for relief from pain.
It is impossible to perform Total knee replacement surgery by arthroscopic techniques.
As of now, the duration of hospital stay is much lesser when operated using the robot than the conventional method. Day care knee replacements will be started at Prashanth hospitals, very shortly.
The estimated duration of Knee Replacement is between 30 to 45 mins.
Surgeons who are fully certified and trained to use the Robot will be performing the surgery. All the surgeons have a minimum of 15 yrs of experience in Knee Replacement Surgery.
There is no age limit for patients to undergo Total Knee Replacement. All patients will undergo a battery of blood tests and be seen by expert Physicians, Cardiologists and Anaesthetists. Only on their clearance will they be taken up for surgery.
Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement are many

a. Accurate and personalised planning, tailored to your knee.
b. Accurate execution of the plan by the robotic arm.
c. Highly accurate cuts by the saw attached to the robotic arm.
d. Excellent surgical outcome.
e. Greater patient satisfaction.
f. Longer prosthesis life span.
g. Lesser pain & lesser blood loss.
h. Patient specific alignment.
i. Faster recovery.
j. Excellent range of movement.

After all - “Movement Is Life”
After a single Knee Replacement
*Pts are helped to walk on day one.
*They go to the toilet by day 3
*Climb steps and are discharged on day 4 or 5.
*Patients undergoing Replacement using the Robot will be able to do it much earlier.
*Their short term and long term recovery and overall results are much better with the Robot than the conventional methods.
Patients are advised to do all activities and movements as possible after Robotic Knee Replacement. They can walk, climb steps, jog, play non- contact sports like golf, squat, ride a bike, drive, ride a cycle, exercise in the gym, carry weights, kneel and all other activities as advised by their operating surgeon.
Cost difference will be between ₹50000 to ₹75000 per Robotic Knee Replacement.
Change may experience to patients will experience

Robotic-assisted knee replacement:
*Technology controlled by the surgeon
*May experience less pain and a faster recovery
*More consistent outcomes(inconsistencies can affect recovery)

Traditional Knee Replacement:
*Hand-held tool
*May experience a longer recovery time
*There may be more variability in the surgical processes and outcomes
Robotic knee replacement costs anywhere between ₹3 lakhs to ₹ 6 lakhs in different hospitals in different parts of India
There is no age limit to undergo Robotic Knee Replacement, it depends on the stage of arthritis that the patient is suffering from. It is advantageous for younger patients - better range of movement and longer lasting implants.

In older patients - faster recovery, lesser blood loss and lesser pain. It is advantageous in all age group of patients.
Robotic Knee Replacement is very safe, even in the elderly age group of patients
Yes. Only by a bit. If you compare the advantages to the mild price rise, the price rise is very small.

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