World Diabetes Day - Public Awareness

World Diabetes Day  Public Awareness

At this very moment, India is making steady progress toward becoming the world’s number one in the total number of people with diabetes, passing China every year on its way to becoming the top country in the world in this category. Prashanth Super Speciality Hospitals, Velachery is doing its part in disseminating useful and practical information on frequently asked questions (FAQs) to the medical fraternity by the public in this day and age. This is being done in order to raise awareness among young adults and the general populace. With the best diabetics specialists in Chennai, we offer unmatched care for diabetic patients.

An alarmingly high number of young adults in their 20s and 30s are being diagnosed with diabetes and prediabetes( a condition that occurs before diabetes). This is particularly relevant in the age following the COVID pandemic, which was followed by years of lockdowns that altered the people's level of physical activity, dietary habits, and stressful lifestyle.

To address this emerging challenge, we, the best diabetic hospital in Chennai, have chosen a few specific tips that we hope will benefit our patients who are reading this & the general populace in our midst.

  • Mindfulness is a powerful tool in watching for the signs & symptoms of diabetes but it is better to start changing the daily habits of normal young adults in their day-to-day life - like avoiding deep fried foods & watching calorie intake, choosing steam-cooked low-calorie tasty foods will help a great deal
  •  Daily moderate 20 min physical activity will control blood glucose levels + prevent diabetes from occurring early
  • It is a wise choice to consume sweet-tasting foods by replacing white sugar with sweeteners like stevia and sucralose
  • In addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, lowering blood sugar levels and improving the overall quality of life can be accomplished by reducing stress at home and at work through the practice of meditation or other calming activities such as gardening

In a nutshell & to summarize - Mindful diet + Mild to moderate daily physical activity + stress reduction are the 3 cornerstones of both preventing & managing diabetes.

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Dr. H.Rajesh Krishnan, MBBS, FID acc UK, Dip. Diab UK Chief Consultant Diabetologist