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Prashanth Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing high quality, world class Dental care with the soft touch of Indian hospitality. We understand that a visit to the dentist can be a stressful experience. Hence we treat each visitor to our clinic not merely as a patient but as an individual. We take time out, not only to understand their needs and expectations, but also to increase the comfort level of a patient by ensuring that the patient understands the necessity for any dental treatment they may undergo, how the dental procedure will work, the level of pain that may be experienced etc.

Many clinics may provide you with standard dental care but what sets our clinic apart is our patient-oriented approach. Although we are much focused on the accuracy and success of all dental procedures and processes performed at our clinic, we are very sensitive to the patient’s needs, expectations and most importantly comfort level. Although Prashanth Dental Clinic is internationally known for its Orthodontic treatment, we have a highly qualified team of consultants in various other dental specialities namely Prosthodontics, Maxillo-facial surgery, Periodontics, Implantology, Endodontic etc. This group of dentists works collaboratively in one facility to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient. This ensures decreased time for treatments and maximum cross-disciplinary diagnosis.

Unique Features of this Department

  • Skilled team with core expertise in Orthodontics and Dento facial othopaedics
  • Specialists trained in painless, single sitting root canal surgeries … an experience you will relish
  • Success with over 2000 cases in implantology, cosmetic dentistry,and laser dentistry