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Neonatology and Pediatrics

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Prashanth Women & Children, proudly presents Prashanth Children Hosptial, caring for around 20,000 children per year.

Our team of doctors are highly qualified with over 10 years of experience and well trained nurses treating children all age group from Infant to 18 years.

75 bedded children hospital with dedicated 15 beds for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), 10 beds for Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):

• Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is well equipped to provide life-saving treatment for premature, low-birth weight new-born and critically ill infants.

• 24×7 Emergency Cares

• Well-equipped transport facilities to manage sick neonates, premature and Low Birth weight babies.

• Qualified Neonatologists round the clock

With Advanced and Modern Neonatal / Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. It is designed to be a beacon of hope in Chennai for sick children. And also a new face for trust and inspiration to these children and the family during the hour of need. With our committed and expert team of multi-disciplinary specialists, we assure to do all that it takes to improve the health of sick children. We, Prashanth Children Hospital, is always ready to handle and deal emergency 24 X 7.

• Fully equipped state-of-art technology

• Pediatric Emergency for triage stabilization

• 24 hours qualified Pediatric Intensivists coverage

• Pediatric Cardiologist

• Pediatric Orthopedic

• Pediatric Gastroenterologist

• Pediatric ENT Specialist

• Pediatric Endocrinologist

• Pediatric Ophthalmologist

• Pediatric Dentist

• Pediatric Dermatologist

• Child Psychologist

• Physiotherapist

• Round the Clock ambulance with support Transport

• Advanced Pediatric Ventilators

• Retrieval Teams

• Laboratory Services incubators for new born

• In-house advanced hemodialysis

• Bedside ultrasound / echo capabilities

• Certified Lactation Consultant

• Nutritionist

• Family Counsellor

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Neonatology is the specialized care of the sick new born including premature and tiny babies. The advent of newer therapeutic modalities, artificial life-support techniques and infection control mechanisms has tremendously decreased mortality in new-borns. At Prashanth, we have one of the most advanced neonatal units ushering in a new era in neonatal medicine. The Unit combines advanced technology and trained healthcare professionals to provide round-the-clock specialized care, directly supervised by a Neonatology Consultant.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is staffed and equipped to provide life-saving treatment for premature, low-birth weight new-borns and critically ill infants. Our neonatology team is readily available 24 x 7 with well-equipped transport facilities to manager sick neonates, premature and Low Birth weight babies. We encourage In utero transfer for high-risk deliveries for maternal and neonatal intensive care.

When and if your baby needs to be evaluated by a neonatologist, you can be assured that your child will receive the best possible medical care at our Centre.

• 15 bedded unit providing an advanced level III care, using state -of-the art life saving technology.

• Care for extreme low birth weight babies (even as less as 700 grams) and premature babies (24 weeks above)

• Individually supervised and directed by qualified Neonatologists round the clock

• Ability to monitor for brain damage or bleeding in the brain

• Practice a holistic and family centred care (i.e Kangaroo care, lactation encouragement, mother and baby contact time etc).

Our 10 bedded PICU provides 3 level state-of-art care with expert specialist. Over past few decades, it is important for sick children to provide with appropriate life support at the right time. Our paediatric ICU is equipped with advanced ventiators (both invasive & non invasive), multipara monitoring, continous EEG and renal replacement therapy support.

Children are unique in their critical care needs. They are more vulnerable and quick to decompensate following an illness. Hence, we offer individualized, round-the-clock advanced care in a medically sophisticated but intensely child centered environment. Our Patients are referred for care and treatment for wide variety of medical problems, like:

• Respiratory

• Cardiac

• Traumatic and acquired brain injury

• Organ failure (pre & post transplant)

• Genetic

• Orthopaedic

• Rheumatologic disorders

• Neurologic disorders and so on

Our experienced doctors, nursing staff, therapists and other supporting staff work together to provide intensive and innovative multidisciplinary clinical and therapeutic care to help children recover quickly.

Comprehensive Pre-term Care: Premature newborns have an increased risk of complications. Effective management of acute medical conditions associated with prematurity, such as respiratory distress, sepsis, electrolyle abnormalities, nutrition, temperature dysregulation, and perfusion abnormalities, with state-of-art equipments and well experienced neonatal team of nurses and doctors, have ensured excellent intact survival in all our babies for the past 2 decades.

Critical Care: In a first of its kind, in south Chennai, Prashanth Women and Children’s Centre, has established a fully equipped 15 bedded Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, run by a team of highly qualified Paediatric Intensivist and emergency Paediatricians. Sick children requiring advanced care of life support like mechanical ventilation, bronchoscopy, HFOV, Hemodialysis, CRRT and ECMO are taken care in this unit.

The hospital also has 24 X 7 skilled Paediatric transport team, to ensure rapid inter-facility transfer of critically sick children.

For High risk Neonatal Screening: Screening for hearing OAE, BERA, ROP High risk follow up clinic-Neuro development mental assessment and early intervention.

Neonatal and Paediatric Surgeries: A specialized field of surgery for the treatment of conditions like congenital malformation of GIT and urinary track, traumatic injury, GT surgeries like Hernia, Circumcision, Tracheo-esophageal atresia, pyeloplasty,Bladder Augmentation.

Paediatric Surgical Oncology: Surgery often plays a critical role child’s overall cancer treatment. Our paediatric surgical oncology team consists of experts with extensive experience in various types of cancers, including Wilms tumor, as well as other rare and hard-to-treat cancers.

Child Developmental Clinic Programmes: We not only ensure survival in our babies, but also take care that they are neurologically and developmentally normal. We have a child developmental clinic programme, where experts in child psychology, psychiatry, neurologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and paediatrician integrate to provide comprehensive developmental follow up care for our NICU and PICU graduates.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Autistic Disorder, development delay, down syndrome, speech delay are the few disorders to name; being treated by our Child development department. A combination of both scientific research and clinical practice which attempts to address the psychological aspects of illness, injury, and the promotion of health behaviours in children, adolescents.

Other key procedures: Other key procedures like Foreign Body removal and laproscopic pyloromyotomy, Kasai Procedure, bronchoscopy, management of all allergies, skin infection and diseases are just few of our Paediatric specialised treatments.

Positive Thought Clinic

This is our ante natal counseling clinic, wherein we counsel Mothers with high risk pregnancies, Confidence is induced to assure them that we would provide a safe motherhood and a normal baby.

First Feed Clinic

The Clinic supports breastfeeding, educating and encouraging the Mothers and Mothers to be regarding the benefits of breastfeeding the child for the first 6 months

Growth Plan Clinic

Our growth and development clinic gives the much, needed special attention to the child with developmental delay. Along with the pediatricians, are experts in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Assessement for vision and hearing is also advised to the babies in need

ELBW Clinic

We practice follow up of extreme low birth weight babies born here with utmost tender loving care, promoting smooth transition of ELBW babies from neonatal intensive care to motherly care. We also educate Mothers and caregivers

Shots Time Clinic

Our Vaccine Clinic, schedules your baby’s vaccines, reminding you at the right time. Briefing on newly available vaccines and solutions for vaccine related problems are also explained

Tender Care Clinic

Our routine pediatric clinic which helps to treat day to day problems in children. Emergency attention is available round the clock by the concerned specialist. Routine visits come under “see soon” category where a time is scheduled for consultation by the consultant

• Pregnancy with Hypertension

• Diabetes in pregnancy

• Heart disease in pregnancy

• Respiratory problems in pregnancy

• Renal disorders in pregnancy

• Acute and chronic infection

• Thromboembolic diseases

• Neurologic disorders like epilepsy in pregnancy

• Pre term labour and premature rupture of membranes

• Multiple pregnancy

• Congenital anomalies of fetus requiring post natal intervention

• Ante partum hemorrhage and placenta previa

Prashanth Children Centre is an Advanced and Modern Neonatal / Paediatric Unit; with committed and expert team of multi-disciplinary specialists, retrieval team and certified lactation consultants. A glance of our specialities

Dr. T. Vijaya Kumar
Dr. M. Rajesh
Dr. K. Mirna
Dr. Durga
Dr. Samy
Dr. Suresh Babu
Dr. Ashok
Dr. P Balamourgane
Dr. Sivashankar Jayakumar
Dr. G. Moorthy
Dr. S Robert Wilson
Dr. V Murugan
Dr. K V Karthikeyan
Dr. Dhanasekar Kesavulu
Dr. Nirmala
Dr. N Ahilasamy
Dr. Vijayasekharan
Dr. Hemchand K Prasad
Dr. Naveen Narendranath
Dr. Ram Prakash
Dr. Dhanraj
Dr. Vijay Anand
Dr. Deepthi
Dr. Anuj
Dr. Jeyanthini
Dr. G K Kannan
Dr. A Somasundaram
Dr. G K Kannan


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Prashanth Hospitals-Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai, Best Hospital in Chennai

Prashanth Hospitals-Multispeciality Hospital in Chennai, Best Hospital in Chennai